Oct 202014

‘Congratulations to Dagenham Park Church of England School and all the other schools that have been recognised by our Gold Club programme. The Gold Club is based on the belief that all schools can aspire to attain excellence for all their pupils, whatever their circumstances. London schools are already doing well when compared to the rest of the country, but each of our Gold Club schools is making even great strides with their pupils. There is no one size fits all approach to raising standards, but we hope other schools will be able to benefit as a result of seeing what others in the capital are doing to achieve academic excellence. I see Gold Club schools as exemplars because they enable terrific results for all their young people’. -Boris Johnson

Oct 092014

E - Dagenham Park CofE School[1]

Dagenham Park Church of England School has been awarded Gold Club status under a scheme set up by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson to recognise exceptional schools in the capital. The Gold Club celebrates schools that are achieving academic success with all their pupils, in particular those where they may be disadvantaged or be affected by circumstances that could have an impact on their learning. – Presented to B.Marsden (Assistant Head Teacher) by Munira Mirza (Deputy Mayor for Education and Culture)

Oct 092014
School Bus Route

You will now be able to check bus information and Transport for London’s Journey Planner under the Student Area.
This will help you plan your journey to school.


Sep 302014

Danladi Roach, shows off his recently won 1st & 3rd karate medals won at the European ‘Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation’
Congratulations on another great performance.