Curriculum 2016 – 2017

Dagenham Park Church of England School has a three year Key Stage 3 programme for Years 7, 8 and 9 followed by a two year Key Stage 4 programme for Years 10 and 11.

A two year Key Stage 4 programme ensures that there is time for enrichment activities for each subject area so that students are not just learning how to pass an exam.

Our three year Key Stage 3 programme ensures that students gain an understanding of the breadth of a subject before making any option choices for Key Stage 4.  All Key Stage 3 students are being prepared to study an English Baccalaureate based Curriculum.

Our lessons are one hour long and we have five lessons per day.

Key Stage 3

Subject Number of hours per week
Maths 3
Science 3
Art 1
Design Technology 1
Geography 2
History 2
Modern Foreign Languages 2
Music 1
Person, Social and Health Education (PSHE) 1
Physical Education 2
Religious Education 1
Computing 1
Drama 1
Character Education 1


Key Stage 4

Subject Number of hours per week
English 4
Mathematics 4
Science 4
Physical Education 2
Religious Education 2
Person, Social and Health Education (PSHE) 1
Option 1 2
Option 2 2
Option 3 2
Option 4 2


Option subjects offered are

Art (GCSE)
Business Studies (BTEC)
Business Studies (GCSE)
Information Technology (BTEC/GCSE)
Design Technology – resistant materials (GCSE)
French (GCSE)
Geography (GCSE)
History (GCSE)
Music (GCSE)
Sociology (GCSE)
Spanish (GCSE)
Statistics (GCSE)

Sixth Form

Dagenham Park Church of England School is one of four schools in the Southern Consortium. Being part of the consortium gives students a wide range of subjects to choose from.

Sixth form students can choose from a wide range of subjects on offer to suit the needs of all learners. We offer a wide range of traditional A level subjects as well as vocational courses such as Hairdressing.

Please check the Southern Consortium Website for further details:

Principles of the Curriculum

At Dagenham Park Church of England School we believe in equality for all but ensuring the curriculum is designed to meet the distinctive needs of students.

At Key Stage 3 our curriculum model is based on banding by ability. Students bands are dictated by their KS2 results. The bands are indicators of a student’s likely GCSE outcome based on the national transition matrices for the full range of subjects . The bands are as follows:

Year 8/9

KS2 Average English and Maths Name
4.7-6 High
4-4.6 Upper
3-3.9 Middle
Below 3 Foundation


Year 7

KS2 Average English and Maths Name
106.5+ High
99.5-106 Upper
90-99 Middle
Below 90 Foundation

The bands are not predictions, they are a baseline to ensure all stakeholders are aware of the minimum expectations of the students and to ensure that students do not fall behind in their learning. It is the aim for all students to achieve the highest grade in their band and to progress to achieving in the next band. There is flexibility in the curriculum to ensure students can transfer between bands as their needs change and develop.

To ensure progression from KS2 to KS3, all departments have mapped out their curriculum from KS2 to KS3 to ensure continuity between key stages. In addition, a transition unit takes place from primary to secondary to ensure continuity. Classwork is differentiated between bands to ensure pitch and challenge. All students have the opportunity to complete work above their band for each quality marked piece of work.

All stakeholders are aware of what students are learning during their education at Dagenham Park Church of England School. Curriculum overviews for each subject are provided on the website.
Every exercise book has a unit skills checklist to ensure awareness of what is being taught. Success criteria is provided in a consistent format for each quality piece of work to ensure that students are aware of what is required so they can progress in their learning.

At KS4 options are designed to ensure the statutory requirements of the national curriculum are being met. All students are given advice and support to ensure the pathway they choose is the correct one for them.


Our Enrichment programme reflects our ethos by giving every student further opportunities to develop key skills and personal qualities to ensure they succeed at Dagenham Park Church of England School and that they are prepared for adult life. The following is an example of what was offered in the 2015 Summer term. This years activities will be provided on the website in October once all activities are running.

Extended School Provision

Please click here to see our Extended School provision

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